“Oscar” Santomiele Figs with almonds

"Oscar" Santomiele Figs with almonds

Strong and spicy taste of the figs with almonds and citrus peels.

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100 g Italy

These delicious figs are a small collection produced by Santomiele, a family-run orchard near Prignano in Italy’s Cilento region. Dried traditionally in the sun by laying them on the roofs of houses in flat baskets for about 10 days, these white figs are lovingly stuffed with organic almonds. Grown in a hilly environment specific to the Cilento region, these rare figs have a definitively pasty consistency, which is yellow and has fewer seeds than most other figs. The figs are sweeter than others found in Europe, but this sweetness is veiled with a bitter, intoxicating flavour, embodying the true taste of Italy.

Santomiele Figs with almonds
Santomiele Figs with almonds

Santomiele, meaning “sacred honery”, is owned and managed by Antonio Longo, who having grown up in Cilento, has dedicated his life and passions to preserving the family business and traditions. The white fig is an ancient food once favoured by the Greeks and known to be rich in antioxidants, contributing to good artery health, but it is thanks to Santomiele that this delicate fruit is still on the map.

“To resume what was the activity of Antonio’s grandfather at the beginning of the 20th century, interpreting it in a contemporary way, we started to reinvent the fig in a surprising way.

We have transformed a poor product into a raw material of excellence, with fruits that are carefully selected, dried in the sun and worked exclusively by hand with mastery from Cilento’s master craftsmen.”

Corrado Del Verme – Owner of Santomiele

It was Antonio’s grandfather who first harvested the rural Cilento land, growing figs and olives here since 1930. Antonio himself inherited the six hectares of fig and olive trees, and resumed his grandfather’s work by starting Santomiele. Though many locals have since stopped growing figs due to the amount of work required to harvest them, Antonio employed local women from his village to maintain the ancient techniques and traditions. He developed a new factory where every Santomiele craftsman works skillfully by hand, stuffing figs, chocolates and many other products, using only natural materials. Today, Santomiele has grown into a luxury confectionery business that proudly represents the region. Visitors can take tours of the shaded orchard, smell the fig flowers and taste the sweet fig treats produced there.

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“Oscar” Santomiele Figs with almonds

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“Oscar” Santomiele Figs with almonds

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“Oscar” Santomiele Figs with almonds

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“Oscar” Santomiele Figs with almonds

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“Oscar” Santomiele Figs with almonds

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“Oscar” Santomiele Figs with almonds

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“Oscar” Santomiele Figs with almonds

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“Oscar” Santomiele Figs with almonds

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“Oscar” Santomiele Figs with almonds

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“Oscar” Santomiele Figs with almonds

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“Oscar” Santomiele Figs with almonds

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“Oscar” Santomiele Figs with almonds

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