Khan Saffron

Khan Saffron

A 3g box of the finest Turkish Saffron. Precisely hand-selected, accepted by chefs to be among the best in the world, with incredibly high Safranal and Crocin content.

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3 g Turkey

Saffron is the most magnificent of all spices, worth more than its weight in gold. Like many precious ingredients though, the market is filled with counterfeits. Khan Saffron is accepted by chefs and connoisseurs to be among the best in the world, with incredibly high Safranal and Crocin content, an unusually pungent aroma, and vibrant golden color when infused.

Khan’s source saffron from around the world depending on which country has the best harvest each year. Precisely hand-selected saffron threads from the crocus sativus flowers are harvested by traditional farmers whose saffron wisdom has been passed down for generations. The precious box of saffron in the Artisans’ Box was picked in Persia in 2020 before being purified in Turkey and expertly packaged to maintain optimum freshness and aromas.

For only two weeks of each year, we hand pick the reddest and healthiest tips of saffron stigmas with a mastery of ancient skills. You can only pick the blossoms until midday, because any later and the sun will have the flowers wilted and useless to pick. It’s almost always harvested in autumn, timed after the wine harvest and right before the olive harvest in a beautiful arrangement of nature.

From Daniel Salim, whose passion for the ingredient has grown into a unique business sourcing what he describes as the “world’s finest saffron.”

Daniel is adamant that Khan will always remain as an unconditionally boutique brand, because he knows from experience that the second his company starts to produce more volume, it would be the end of their promise to provide ‘the finest saffron’. Their focus is simply on obtaining the highest organic compounds. Khan’s Saffron is harvested with the utmost respect for nature, with environment friendly, recyclable and plastic free bespoke packaging.

It’s a beloved ingredient in dishes across the world, but especially in Persian cuisine. A tiny pinch adds a sparkle of luxury to every dish or beverage it graces, whether it’s a crab risotto, a rich and creamy ice cream, or a traditional tagine.

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