Olive Oil Négrette

Olive Oil Négrette by Oliv&Sens

Gold medal winner at the “Japan Olive Oil Prize (2022)” competition.

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250 ml France

Golden and sweet, this olive oil promises all that you would expect from the very best of French produce and more. Since their inception, the Oliv&sens olive oils have been appreciated by culinary masters and starred chefs for their exceptional aromas. The Négrette olive oil is made from one of the earliest known varieties of black olive, discovered in the 18th Century and harvested in the Gard region. Characterised by its smooth consistency and ripe, fruity taste, the olives are picked at their optimum maturity to ensure maximum flavour. To taste, the Négrette gives hints of hazelnuts, almonds and vanilla, with a slightly peppery aftertaste. Luxeat recommends enjoying it with salads and raw materials, or to compliment fish and meat carpaccios. More versatile than most olive oils, the vanilla notes allow it to go very well with fruits as well, such as strawberries and other berries.

Olive Oil Négrette by Oliv&sens
Olive Oil Négrette by Oliv&sens

“Oliv&sens is the result of an encounter, ours; it is also the meeting of two universes rich in complementarity. So on vacation in the south of France, in the middle of olive groves, our desire to find ourselves around a common professional and personal project turns out to be obvious. In the soil of Oliv&sens we are planting, from 2019, between Lyon (because we are both from Lyon) and the Gard, the seeds of our brand’s identity, of its operation, of the values ​​it carries high as two craftsmen who combine their passions and skills to acquire over the months of work the knowledge necessary to realise our dream: offer lovers of flavours a gustatory journey in the land of olives!”

Myriam Ritter and David Cornet – founders of Olive&Sens

The concept of Oliv&sens was born out of holidays spent in the South of France, where two explorers found their passion whilst discovering olive groves of the region. They wanted to create olive oil that was similar to a fine wine, producing it from just one type of olive, as opposed to a blend. Like wine, the taste and character of the oil greatly depends on numerous factors, such as the quality of the soil, the method, the climate and the miller’s know-how. The founders at Oliv&sens set about planting groves between Lyon and the Gard two years ago and honing their craft. Today, they pride their brand on the use of raw materials and treatment of the terrain. The products are 100% French, authentic and natural, and with their label, a guarantee that they are crushed and bottled in France.

Aside from the Négrette olive oil, Oliv&sens produces three other variations from the Gard, from Aglandau, Bouteillon and Picholine, each with their own distinct flavours and properties. In their two years of existence, the brand has risen to be among the ranks of the best French olive oils in the world, winning multiple awards at international competitions, such as the prestigious Japan Olive Oil Prize for 2022, where they took home four medals.

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Olive Oil Négrette

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